Mustaches to stay as long as wins continue

Mustaches to stay as long as wins continue

Mustaches to stay as long as wins continue
CHICAGO -- Kevin Youkilis came up with the mustache idea for the White Sox about one month ago but nobody got to it. Finally, he just did it after Sunday's loss to the Tigers and everyone jumped on board.

After a Monday victory with the new-look mustaches, which also parlayed into a tribute to Kevin Hickey on a day in which the late pregame instructor was honored, the facial hair might be here to stay.

"Well, if something works, you're not going to be against it," Youkilis said. "I guess it's technically a superstition. It got us a win last night, so hopefully it'll get us a bunch more wins. Twenty-eight more games left, hopefully we win them."

When asked if his wife and kids approved of the mustache-only choice, White Sox captain Paul Konerko laughed and said not really.

"No one's really OK with that outside of the clubhouse," Konerko said.

But the mustaches have served as another bonding mechanism for this tight-knit group, much like the Loudmouth golf clothing worn on the trip to Baltimore.

"There's a number of things you can do to bring a little levity, even when people think you shouldn't be doing it, should be more serious," White Sox general manager Ken William said. "But this is exactly when you should be. They have a lot of that.

"Orlando Hudson was missed while he was gone, Paul Konerko when he was gone. Not just on the field, but in the dugout, on the planes, in the buses."