Cecil as reliever still a work in progress

Cecil as reliever still a work in progress

Cecil as reliever still a work in progress
TORONTO -- The Blue Jays won't get a true feel for how Brett Cecil handles his transition to the bullpen until he starts coming into games with runners on base.

Cecil, who pitched in relief on Monday for the first time since 2009, is expected to be eased into his new role. He came out to start the eighth against Baltimore and was relied upon for two innings as the club monitors how quickly he is able to get ready out of the bullpen.

Once the Blue Jays are satisfied with the adjustment, Cecil likely will start seeing more opportunities that are typically associated with a late-inning lefty.

"We'll get the best look we can," manager John Farrell said. "Yesterday was a little bit different situation, we're looking to finish the game out to get two innings. There will be opportunities that we come up with, there's a lineup arrangement where you have left-right-left through a three-hitter span we might get a better read on.

"I think until he probably gets four or five appearances under his belt, then you get a better read on how quick he can get ready and how does he bounce back physically."

Cecil is potentially auditioning for a role on the big league club next season. The Blue Jays haven't completely ruled out a potential starting job, but appear to be moving closer to a full-time role out of the bullpen.

In order to secure that spot, Cecil will have to handle coming in for pivotal situations and taking very little time to get fully adjusted to the game.

"Inherited runners, whether or not there's a tangible measurement to how a guy performs over time, sure you can see if he shuts an inning off," Farrell said. "But in those key spots, against middle-of-the-order type guys, we'll hopefully get a read on that."