After rough road trip, Moustakas on track in KC

After rough road trip, Moustakas on track in KC

After rough road trip, Moustakas on track in KC
KANSAS CITY -- For Mike Moustakas, home is where the hits are.

After a dismal road trip against Tampa Bay and Boston that saw the third baseman go 1-for-23, Moustakas has bounced back nicely in the first six games of a 10-game stay at Kauffman Stadium. In six games against Detroit and Minnesota, he hit .400 (10-for-25) with four doubles, four runs scored and five RBIs.

"I've been doing a lot of work with [hitting coach Kevin Seitzer] in the cage, trying to get back to getting comfortable in the box. And I'm finally starting to get to that point where I'm seeing pitches and not chasing as much as I was," Moustakas said.

"Just seeing the ball, trying to work the middle of the field a little bit more, trying to stay on pitches more. Just trying to get myself in a good spot to hit. I've been down there every day, and he's been helping me out a ton. I feel good. The results are showing right now."

Royals manager Ned Yost was asked what tendencies Moustakas shows when he slips into rough stretches like the one on the last road trip.

"He gets a little -- I don't want to say pull-conscious -- but he gets a little pull-conscious, and he gets a little anxious, swinging more at the pitcher's pitches," Yost said. "Since he's been back here, his swing's been more relaxed. It's been more of a free swing. And pitch selection's been very good."

Moustakas' home and road splits this season show a dramatic difference. Entering Monday, he was hitting .298 at Kauffman Stadium, compared to just .210 on the road. His power numbers have been pretty consistent regardless of the ballpark, but in roughly the same amount of at-bats (235 at home, 233 on the road), he's picked up 21 more hits at home.

"It's a crazy game," Moustakas said. "There's numbers for everything, and there's a lot of stuff that we can't explain as players. I don't look into that much. I love playing here. I love Kansas City. I try to get hits on the road, too, but it's just a crazy game."