Petersen trying to show Marlins he belongs

Petersen trying to show Marlins he belongs

Petersen trying to show Marlins he belongs
MIAMI -- For many Marlins, September is a critical month for a number of players as the organization evaluates which direction they should go in 2013.

Bryan Petersen is trying to take advantage of the opportunity.

The 26-year-old outfielder has been getting chances to lead off and show what he can do at the top of the order.

"Being in the leadoff position now and getting some consistent at-bats up there, my job is to get on for the guys behind me and things like that," Petersen said.

In 15 games batting first, the left-handed-hitting outfielder is 14-for-65 (.215) and he's scored seven runs.

"I think I've been doing an OK job with that, but a little more consistency would be nice," Petersen said. "Just stay positive and have fun.

"Personally, I would say, 'Continue the course.' I feel like I've had some good luck and bad luck this year. Just trying to take good at-bats and not really worry about what other people would think of me or what's going on. Just taking every day like it's a gift and going out there playing and having fun and playing for that one common goal -- to get a W."

Miami's front office will be observing the energy level of the entire team in these final few weeks.

"September is just like any other month," Petersen said. "The season's kind of been up and down and sideways I guess, but finishing strong is a good goal. I think more along the lines of just the team being able to create momentum going into next year.

"A lot of people would say the season's over, but the season's never over. Every day you come out, you have a game. You've got an opportunity. One, to get better, two, to grow as a team and just to win and create that camaraderie with the team."