Going to big leagues old hat for Worth

Going to big leagues old hat for Worth

Going to big leagues old hat for Worth
DETROIT -- Most Minor League players get a unique sendoff from their manager when they're being told they're getting called to the big leagues. Danny Worth, now in his sixth stint with the Tigers this year, is past that.

Worth was running at third base in a game earlier this season when Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin, who was coaching at third, told him nonchalantly he was heading up to Detroit again. This time, he had just been hit on the arm by a pitch when he was pulled from the game, given a handshake and told by Nevin he was a September callup.

"Nevin jokes with me the most about it," Worth said. "There's been some times where he's like, 'You're going back up tomorrow again, all right?' And I'm like, 'OK.' Most of the time, he'll call guys in the office and congratulate them and stuff, or do something funny."

This call wasn't a shock. The Tigers under Jim Leyland's watch have always called up an extra infielder to give them flexibility in extra innings or in case of injury. Worth has played shortstop, second and third base, so he fills a gap.

He probably won't get many starts, maybe not any, but it's the big leagues. Considering he was being chased by rams earlier this week at Fifth Third Field, it beats the alternative.

Yes, a ram. Thursday's Mud Hens game included a visit by Team Ghost Riders, a group of monkeys dressed as cowboys riding sheep dogs. Their act is that they herd small rams on the field between innings. Worth was warming up when he crossed paths with a couple of them.

"They were chasing me," Worth said. "There were two that were looking me right in the eye and then they chased me."