Maddon believes in September roster limits

Maddon believes in September roster limits

Maddon believes in September roster limits
TORONTO -- Rosters for teams are allowed to be expanded on Sept. 1 from 25 players to as high as 40. Based on the fact new rules are put into place for the most important month of the season, many feel that the rule to expand rosters should be revised with limits.

"When you get to this time of year, we can bring guys in to help us," Rays manager Joe Maddon said. "The flip side is, with the opposition, what they can do and the problems they can present. I still think there should be a set number [who can play], instead of being unlimited up to 40, to keep some kind of decorum about it."

Maddon said the end result is a situation that almost resembles a Spring Training game, where there are many players available to be used.

"Although [games matter] a lot more, obviously, right now," Maddon said, "... when you work the game now, there's so much more to think about when the other team has more [players]."

Maddon believes there should be a limit on how many players are available for any game.

"Say you want to bring up [enough players to where you have 35], make 28 or 29 or 30 available that day," Maddon said. "I would say no more than 30 [players being available for a game] would be reasonable."

Maddon noted that having expanded rosters can help a team or hurt them, but, "anything's fair if the rules of the game allow it."