Maddon OK with plays at the plate

Maddon OK with plays at the plate

Maddon OK with plays at the plate
TORONTO -- In the aftermath of Friday night's collision at home plate, Rays manager Joe Maddon was asked if blocking the plate still had a place in the game. The skipper was candid in expressing his opinion that there should be no change to the rule.

"Perfect example last night of a good baseball play," Maddon said. "Those that want to change the rule ... teach your catcher to do a better job of making that play."

Any dialogue about said collisions are normally initiated after the catcher gets hurt. That wasn't the case on Friday night.

"Our guy came up worse than the catcher last night," Maddon said. "So it's not always about the catcher being hurt, the baserunner can be hurt also.

"... Anytime something awkward happens, everybody wants to change rules, point fingers, it always amazes me. Today, when there's more ability to put out an opinion, it exacerbates it even more.

In short, Maddon said he likes the status quo regarding plays at home.

"Teach your catcher how to block the plate properly and understand that the runner can get hurt, too," Maddon said.