Johnson gets worst of home-plate collision

Johnson gets worst of home-plate collision

Johnson gets worst of home-plate collision
TORONTO -- Elliot Johnson took the brunt of the collision at home plate with Blue Jays catcher Jeff Mathis on Friday night that ended the game in a 2-1 Rays loss.

The right side of Johnson's face, which got the worst of it, was covered with abrasions from the clay around the plate.

Typical of a baseball clubhouse, Johnson already has a new nickname: Two-Face. Sam Fuld anointed Johnson with the moniker of Batman's nemesis.

"I didn't get [a] very good sleep -- and then it itches," said Johnson of his Friday night after the game. "... I had to get up a few times and put on more [antibiotic ointment]."

When Johnson was asked what he saw the first time he looked in the mirror, he managed a smile: "Pretty gross."

"The toughest thing [on Saturday], honestly, was trying to get my contact [lens] in," Johnson said. "That was the toughest thing. [The right eye] was hardly open. I could see out of it a little bit. ... It took me a good 10 or 15 minutes to put it in."

Of concern to the Rays' training staff was whether or not Johnson suffered a concussion in the collision.

"I didn't really remember where I was at for the first second after whatever I hit," Johnson said. "Then, I just remember the umpire saying, 'Out,' and that kind of woke me up, if that makes sense."

Johnson underwent tests after Friday night's game and prior to Saturday afternoon's game to see if he had a concussion. Part of the testing dealt with Johnson's memory. He was given a sequence of numbers and he had to repeat those numbers backward. He was also given a sequence of words he had to repeat. According to Johnson, the test took approximately 15 minutes. The tests were administered inside the visiting clubhouse at Rogers Centre.

While Johnson's face appears to have been the major casualty, he said his right hip was really sore after taking a knee to the hip.

Rays manager Joe Maddon said Johnson was available for duty in Saturday afternoon's game.