Astros add Ocampo, Goldstein to operations staff

Astros add Ocampo, Goldstein to operations staff

Astros add Ocampo, Goldstein to operations staff
HOUSTON -- The Astros continued retooling their baseball operations alignment Friday, hiring Oz Ocampo as director of international and Kevin Goldstein as pro scouting coordinator. General manager Jeff Luhnow also announced Stephanie Wilka was promoted to coordinator, baseball operations.

Ocampo will oversee the Astros' scouting and player development programs globally, and will assist in building the Astros brand worldwide. He has several years of experience in baseball operations working both in the United States and internationally, and worked in the Commissioner's office since last year as a specialist in international baseball operations.

Ocampo began his career with the Cardinals in 2005 as their Dominican academy administrator and coordinator of Latin American scouting, and he later assumed roles of manager of amateur scouting and coordinator of international player development.

He will assume the job that had been performed by Felix Francisco.

"He understands where the market's going and understands how to scout players," Luhnow said. "I'm really excited about him having a real impact on our Latin American program. I'd say our production, if you look at it honestly, has been OK and not great, and we need it to be great for us to fulfill our long-term strategy of being able to compete consistently and develop our own talent."

Goldstein comes to the Astros after serving as a national writer specializing in scouting and player development for Baseball Prospectus and ESPN.

"He's been to a lot of games and covers a lot of ground for one person," Luhnow said. "One of his key skills is in aggregating different opinions and being able to synthesize it and figure out what the list looks like, who's the best prospect in each organization and go pretty deep ...

"The opportunity to have him working with our group of pro scouts, consolidating all that information and interpreting it and presenting to the people that need to make decisions is huge. He's been presenting it to the public and he's got 30,000 followers on Twitter, and clearly there's a market for that. For him to do that and us be the beneficiaries of that, that's a great opportunity."

In her new role, Wilka will assist the general manager's office across all areas of baseball operations.