Offseason to bring more conditioning for Lynn

Offseason to bring more conditioning for Lynn

Offseason to bring more conditioning for Lynn
WASHINGTON -- Once the Cardinals' season comes to an end -- whether that be without a postseason run or after one -- the organization is expected to challenge Lance Lynn to undertake a more aggressive offseason conditioning program, much the way Jake Westbrook did last winter.

Asked if he felt that Lynn would benefit from following Westbrook's lead, manager Mike Matheny said he believes "that could be the best thing in the world that he could do."

Matheny later clarified that his remarks weren't to suggest that Lynn's current conditioning work is subpar. But describing Lynn as having the potential to be a frontline starter, Matheny said he sees room to push even more.

"I do want to say that I have seen him work," Matheny said. "It's not like he's shutting it down or he was shutting it down for four days in between [starts]. He was working, but I think there's another level there. And I think he's had some great examples with guys around here. They've spent a lot of time investing in him.

"We have all the resources here. It's just a matter of how much he wants to buy into that."

Lynn has made two appearances since moving out of the rotation and into a relief role. His most recent outing came on Thursday, when Lynn allowed two hits, two walks and two earned runs in one inning.

"I thought he looked good last night," Matheny said. "I thought he had a good disposition on the mound. It's a tough [change] to go through. We're right in the middle of a fight, and understanding that we're trying to do what's best for him and what's best for the club that's not always an easy pill to swallow.

"[Thursday], I saw him really letting it fly, his shoulders back and just a good presence on the mound."