Price endures some adventures in travel

Price endures some adventures in travel

Price endures some adventures in travel
TORONTO -- After Wednesday night's win over the Rangers in Arlington, David Price discovered that something was missing -- his passport.

And a passport is needed to enter Canada, where Price will start for the Rays against the Blue Jays on Sunday afternoon.

Initially, Price said, he panicked, but he ended up getting assistance from a friend, who went to Price's residence in Tampa and retrieved the passport.

While the team left on a charter flight after Wednesday's game, Price spent the night at a hotel at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. His friend met him on Thursday morning in Dallas, which allowed Price to catch a noon flight to Toronto rather than a flight to Tampa.

Had Price needed to go home, he would not have arrived in Toronto until approximately 10 p.m. ET on Thursday.

"If there's a bright spot, I guess it's that," Price said. "Other than wearing the same clothes for two straight days, I didn't have my toiletries. So I really have to brush my teeth right now."

While Price was suffering the embarrassment of forgetting his passport, the team did not have the easiest of trips, getting into Toronto at 3 a.m. on Thursday.

"I probably had a better 16 hours than everybody else," Price said, "staying in there, not having to get in at 3 in the morning. I mean, I went to sleep at 11:30. I was so mad that I woke up at 9."

When asked if there had been a lesson learned, Price shot back: "Just don't forget your passport."