Yost makes right move to avoid Prince's bat

Yost makes right move to avoid Prince's bat

Yost makes right move to avoid Prince's bat
KANSAS CITY -- Manager Ned Yost took an unusual step to avoid the Tigers' Prince Fielder in the ninth inning of Tuesday night's game. He purposely walked Fielder, putting the potential winning run on base with the Royals ahead, 9-8.

"You've got [Miguel] Cabrera, Fielder and [Delmon] Young right there and it's a deadly trio," Yost said.

Closer Greg Holland fanned Cabrera for the second out with a runner at third base, but the Royals walked Fielder.

"Prince is not only a phenomenal offensive performer, he's as clutch as they come. He lives for those situations, he's extremely productive in those situations and I just wasn't going to face him right there," said Yost, who managed Fielder at Milwaukee.

"I think that's the second time in my career that I've put the winning run on in the ninth inning, but I was going to take my chances with Young."

Good choice. After narrowly missing a three-run homer on a drive so close to the right-field pole that umpires used video replay to verify it was foul, Young flied out to end the game.

Yost applauds the use of replay to get home-run calls right and favors expanding the system into other areas.

"I'm all for it. I know the Commissioner's studying it and they're taking it step by step. I quite frankly would," he said.