All is quiet on the Varitek front

All is quiet on the Varitek front

After Jason Varitek and principal owner John Henry had a one-on-one meeting on Friday night, things have been rather quiet on that front. And on Tuesday, when asked about the situation during a conference call, Boston's assistant general manager, Jed Hoyer, was tight-lipped, saying, "I'm not going to comment on that."

The Red Sox have Josh Bard -- whom they acquired on Jan. 2 -- as their only catcher with Major League experience, but the club reportedly considers him as a backup, and general manager Theo Epstein said recently that he's open to Varitek returning to Boston for his 13th season.

Varitek requested the meeting with Henry -- and without agent Scott Boras -- near his Atlanta-based home, and the two sides spoke one-on-one for about 90 minutes, The Boston Globe reported.

When reached by The Globe and The Boston Herald, Varitek declined comment, telling The Globe, via text message, that it "went OK" and that there was "nothing to report."

Varitek did, however, answer "yes" when asked by The Globe if his intention was to return to the Red Sox in 2009. Henry declined to say anything.

After Varitek turned down salary arbitration from the Red Sox, the market has been rather quiet for the three-time All-Star. That's mainly due to the fact that teams will now have to give up a first-round Draft pick if they want to acquire the 36-year-old switch-hitter. His .220 batting average in 2008 doesn't help matters, either.

According to NESN, Varitek was not aware that teams would have to surrender a No. 1 Draft pick to sign him, and he takes full responsibility for his decision. NESN also said that Varitek's meeting was mainly to "clear the air," because the team had not been returning Boras' phone calls.

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