Hanigan a threat to opposing basestealers

Hanigan a threat to opposing basestealers

Hanigan a threat to opposing basestealers
PHOENIX -- Trying to steal a base against Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan has become a higher-risk endeavor these days.

Hanigan entered Monday having thrown out 15 of the last 30 baserunners who have attempted to steal against him. The 32-year-old has caught 45 percent of attempted basestealers this season, which is third-best in the National League.

Is it a point of pride for Hanigan? You betcha.

"I feel like I'm pretty good at that -- throwing guys out when I have a chance," Hanigan said. "You have to work with the pitchers. It starts with them. They have to give me a chance. If I feel like I have a little chance of a window, I feel like it's on me to make a throw. Every out is huge. Cutting down innings with outs is important. It helps our pitcher and our defense get off the field."

Last season, Hanigan threw out 28 percent (13 of 46) of runners attempting to steal.

Nailing a runner at a key point, or late in a game, is particularly satisfying. For example on Aug. 19, he threw out the Cubs' Brett Jackson trying to swipe third base against Aroldis Chapman while representing the tying run.

"When guys are trying to get into scoring position and it's a close game, it's really a factor," said Hanigan, who's 3.08 catchers' ERA is best in the Majors. "Not only have you created an out, you're keeping a guy out of scoring position. It's always a good feeling when you can throw a guy out. It's an exciting play I'm sure for the fans. It's something I've always enjoyed and work at and keep up my arm strength. It pays off."