Rays decide not to give Cobb extra rest

Rays decide not to give Cobb extra rest

Rays decide not to give Cobb extra rest
ARLINGTON -- There had been some question regarding the Rays' rotation and whether manager Joe Maddon would decide to shuffle it after David Price and James Shields pitched the first two games of the Rangers series.

Maddon thought about not having Alex Cobb start Wednesday to give him additional rest following his shutout Friday night. Now Maddon and company have decided to keep the rotation intact.

"We're going to stick with Cobb right there," Maddon said. "But we are going through some exercises how we're going to set it up."

With Jeff Niemann set to rejoin the team once the roster is expanded Saturday, the Rays plan to incorporate him into their pitching plans.

"The fact that Niemann is going to come back into it also can have some impact," Maddon said. "But right now, I do know we're staying with the normal rotation for right now. But there's going to be creative ways for us to give other guys a day here or there based on the fact that Jeff is coming back."

Maddon explained some of the plan for how Niemann might be used.

"Possibly pop him in there for a start in order to give other guys a rest," Maddon said. "The other guys have been pitching really well. [Niemann has] been stretched out into the fourth inning, 70 to 80 pitches, so, again, you have to be sure you have everything in order.

"Probably have enough bullpen help for him to start in case it goes awry or goes good. You just want to have everything covered so you don't mess things up going into the last month of the season."