Due to suspension, Aceves can't fly on team plane

Due to suspension, Aceves can't fly on team plane

Due to suspension, Aceves can't fly on team plane
BOSTON -- Alfredo Aceves will have to find his own ride to the West Coast.

The Red Sox's closer served the last of the team's three-game suspension Monday, against the Royals at Fenway Park. The Sox leave for Anaheim afterward, but Aceves won't be on the team plane.

"On the same plane, no," manager Bobby Valentine said. "I expect him to be in California though."

Aceves was suspended Saturday for throwing a fit when Andrew Bailey was asked to close out a 4-3 win over Kansas City on Friday. With Bailey hurt most of the season, Aceves has served as Boston's closer. But the night before Bailey recorded that save, Aceves allowed five runs in the ninth and 10th innings.

"Like I said, it just deals with being responsible for your actions and understanding that all actions have consequence," Valentine said Monday. "It's just a simple rule. Remember, I don't have a lot of rules, but one of the rules I stated early on is that you don't do anything to embarrass yourself, your teammates or your organization."

Valentine hasn't talked to Aceves since the suspension was handed down Saturday, although Valentine said there had been communication with Aceves elsewhere. Aceves hasn't been at the park, to Valentine's knowledge.

Valentine still hasn't declared a closer for the rest of the season, but he expects Aceves to be ready to go if called upon in Anaheim.

"I haven't made that determination," Valentine said of Bailey closing. "He's in that role today, though."