Gordon, Royals intrigued by Red Sox trade

Gordon, Royals intrigued by Red Sox trade

Gordon, Royals intrigued by Red Sox trade
BOSTON -- For the Royals, the pregame trade rumors on Friday night were pretty much confirmed when the Red Sox abruptly scratched first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from their lineup.

"You knew when they pulled Gonzalez out of the lineup, something was happening," Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur said.

The big trade wasn't announced until Saturday afternoon and it obviously caught everyone's attention.

"Our first family is this team but all Major League Baseball, every team is kind of a family so once something like this happens, people have gone through it and they know how it can be on your family and on you personally," Royals left fielder Alex Gordon said. "Maybe some of those guys liked it over there and it's kind of tough to pick up and move so we pay attention to that. A lot of the guys know each other and we keep in contact, but it's part of the game, part of the business."

Francoeur saw the immediate effect.

"For Boston it just opens up a bunch of payroll," Francoeur said.

"You look at the first basemen across the leagues -- the elite ones -- and most of them are signed up for the next five or six years. So I'm sure that with LA, that was their thinking, this was their way of getting a first baseman for the future. And I'm sure Boston wants to shore up some other areas now. When they signed Adrian and all those guys that was kind of [former GM] Theo [Epstein's] deal and now he's gone, and they might want to go a different way."

The scope of the trade made an impression.

"Even before the deadline, this would be a huge trade with the salaries," Gordon said. "So what I see is the Red Sox are probably going to make some moves in the offseason after dumping all this salary. They must have a plan and it seems like they're going to stick with it."