After injury scare, McCutchen back in lineup

After injury scare, McCutchen back in lineup

After injury scare, McCutchen back in lineup
PITTSBURGH -- Andrew McCutchen went hard left-knee-first into PNC Park's right-center wall in vain pursuit of Aramis Ramirez's bases-loaded drive in the seventh inning Friday night, and grimaced in pain as three Milwaukee runners scored to snap a 2-2 tie.

What loomed as the tragic nadir of the season turned out to be only a disappointment. The Pirates did lose, but only the game. McCutchen shook off the impact, stayed in the game, was frisky in going second-to-home for a ninth-inning run -- and was in his usual lineup home for Saturday night's rematch with the Brewers.

Manager Clint Hurdle recalled Ramirez's drive off Jared Hughes and its consequence.

"I said a bad word when the ball came off the bat. I usually don't do that in the dugout,' Hurdle said. "I didn't think he'd catch it -- and he still almost tricked me."

Seeing McCutchen go, and stay, down made Hurdle's heart skip a beat, then "I was like, 'Man, look how far I have to run.'"

Hurdle was just happy that when he returned to the dugout, he didn't have McCutchen with him.

Remaining in the lineup meant McCutchen had another chance against Shaun Marcum to rev his bat back to its previous bolt. Through 22 games, McCutchen's August average is 200 points lower than it was in July -- still not bad when reminded that he batted .446 last month while taking his second consecutive National League Player of the Month award.

"That's your starting point, then you look at his August, and you hair goes up," Hurdle said. "But there's balance to the game. There's a little disconnect in his swing, but not for the reasons of last year [when McCutchen hit .216 in the second half while over-swinging to compensate for a team slump]."