Reliable Janish a valuable asset for Braves

Reliable Janish a valuable asset for Braves

Reliable Janish a valuable asset for Braves
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Braves did not necessarily create much of a stir July 14 when they acquired Paul Janish from the Reds to serve as their starting shortstop while Andrelton Simmons was sidelined with a fractured right pinkie finger.

But Janish has made the most of his opportunity and positioned himself to begin the 2013 season as one of Atlanta's backup infielders. He has proven to be a skilled defensive asset and also provided some offensive contributions that the Braves were not expecting.

"Statistically, I feel like I could have had a little better offensive numbers, but that was not the role that I was going to have," Janish said. "We have a pretty good offensive team here. The team has done well since I've been here and that's something I take pride in. I've had some pitchers show some appreciation for making some plays. For me, that is more important than anything else."

Looking to give each of his regulars a chance to rest while in the process of playing games on 20 straight days, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez left Janish out of his starting lineup for Friday night's game against the Giants. It marked the first time the shortstop was not in Atlanta's lineup since joining the Braves on July 15.

The only other time the 29-year-old Janish played this frequently at the Major League level was when he served as the Reds' starting shortstop after Orlando Cabrera was injured late in the 2010 season.

Thus it was easy to understand why he told Gonzalez that he did not necessarily need a night to rest.

"He said, 'Are you all right playing every day for us?' I said, 'I'll play every day for five years if you want me to,'" Janish said.