Hamilton holds no grudge over pitch

Hamilton holds no grudge over pitch

Hamilton holds no grudge over pitch
ARLINGTON -- Josh Hamilton didn't like seeing a pitch coming at his head, but was ready to move on, one day after Twins pitcher Scott Diamond was ejected from Thursday's game for doing just that. Diamond was thrown out by home plate umpire Wally Bell when one of his pitches sailed behind Hamilton's head in the third inning.

On Friday, Major League Baseball announced that Diamond had been suspended for six games, though he plans to appeal.

"If you get hit in the shoulders or below, you take your base and move on," Hamilton said. "When you get a ball up around the head, that's a different story. Wally did a good job. It's part of the game. You move on."

Diamond's pitch came after Rangers pitcher Roy Oswalt hit Joe Mauer with a 3-0 pitch in the top of the inning. Oswalt said after the game he was not trying to throw at Mauer, but rather missed inside. Hamilton said he doesn't think there will be any further problems for the remainder of the series.

"Nobody wants to see anybody get hit," Hamilton said. "Guys on both teams respect the game and each other. Nobody wants anybody to get hurt."

Hamilton also said he didn't think Diamond was trying to throw that high.

"You don't have time to react," Hamilton said. "If he had hit me, we would have seen if my new helmet worked or not."

Added third baseman Adrian Beltre, "I wasn't expecting that. We expected them to retaliate, but I didn't think it would be close to the head. Luckily it didn't hit him."