Phllies alumni pick their favorite foursomes

Phllies alumni pick their favorite foursomes

Phllies alumni pick their favorite foursomes
Some baseball players love to play golf. Others prefer two other outdoor sports: fishing or hunting. Phillies Alumni were asked what teammates they would invite for one or all three sports.

Larry Andersen: "Golf with my teammates? Hmm. David West would be one, Sarge Matthews another, and my broadcast teammate Scott Franzke. Does make a foursome?"

Bob Boone: "For hunting, I would want to invite Von Hayes, a great outdoorsman. I could learn something."

Larry Bowa: "I'd pick Boonie to play golf."

Jeff Brantley: "Scott Rolen, Jeff Shaw, Will Clark and Lenny Harris, even though I know he can't play."

Pat Burrell: "Well, seeing that I don't fish or hunt, and I don't trust Mitch with a gun, I'd prefer golfing. Any of my many teammates would be fine."

Steve Carlton: "My favorite catcher, Tim McCarver, for hunting and golf, as long as he brought the wine."

Larry Christenson: "My foursome in golf would be Lefty, Timmy and Kitty [Jim Kaat] -- great stories and laughter. Fishing: Jim Lonborg, the greatest gentleman, teammate and inspiration early in my career. Fishing and talking with Jim would be a wonderful day. Tug, Von Hayes and I went on a few hunting trips together. Many laughs and chaos! Von and I still hunt, and I think of Tugger every day."

David Doster: "Wouldn't trust too many of my ex-teammates with a gun, and I'm not a big hunter. I would like to go fishing with Rico Brogna and Doug Glanville."

Jim Eisenreich: "I would like to golf with John Kruk and fish and hunt with Mike Williams."

Terry Francona: "Here's my golf foursome: Brad Mills, John Farrell and Chuck Cottier."

Jim Fregosi: "For golf: Lee Elia, Dutch Daulton and Dave Hollins. But in my golf cart, only Lee out of that group!"

Tommy Greene: "I would have a five-some: Darren Daulton, Larry Andersen, John Kruk and Mitch Williams. Talk about having a good time on the golf course! Never a dull or quiet moment."

Kevin Gross: "My golf partners would be Lance Parrish, Bobby Witt, Roger Pavlik and Ron Roenicke."

Von Hayes: "Golfing would be Darren Daulton. I need to win some money back from him. Fishing would be John Kruk. Maybe he can teach me that hillbilly hand fishing I watch on The Discovery Channel. Hunting would be Bob Boone. Anybody named Boone has got to know how to hunt."

Tommy Hutton: "Golf? Keep it in the family, my brother-in-law, Dick Ruthven. We'd have a few stories and a few laughs."

Jim Kaat: "Timmy McCarver, Lefty, Bruce Sutter and Jim Lonborg -- a busload of guys I'd love to have along."

Mike Lieberthal: "I love to play golf. I don't know what I would do without it. As far as a teammate? Kevin Stocker, my old roomie. Hunting? Bob Boone would be my choice and for fishing, John Kruk."

Greg Luzinski: "Gotta pick my friend Bob Boone, and Larry Bowa for entertainment."

Gary Matthews: "A foursome? Gee, I had a lot of teammates. Start with Mike Schmidt, then Garry Maddox and LA (Larry Andersen). Mike and Gary would be the serious golfers while LA and I would have some laughs."

Tim McCarver: "Have been with Lefty on many occasions, both golfing and hunting, and would like to add Dal Maxvill."

Mike Rogodzinski: "Mike Anderson and Craig Robinson to play golf. I'm sure they would be fun to be with. Hunting or fishing, the late "Big Bird" Wayne Twitchell and Ron Stone. When I last saw them, they were looking for Big Foot somewhere in Oregon."

Ryne Sandberg: "Gary Matthews, good for some laughs. Also, Pete Rose, my childhood hero and former teammate."

Curt Schilling: "I'd pick Doug Mirabelli and Gabe Kapler."

Mike Schmidt: "Ed Farmer, an outstanding golfer."

Kevin Stocker: "For golf, my former roommate, Mike Lieberthal. If I were to go fishing, John Kruk."

Ron Stone: "For golf, Mike Schmidt. For fishing or hunting, my two late friends, Wayne Twitchell and Woodie Fryman."

Mitch Williams: "Have to invite Krukker to golf so we could have some laughs."