Rizzo keeps faith at plate despite downturn

Rizzo keeps faith at plate despite downturn

Rizzo keeps faith at plate despite downturn
MILWAUKEE -- Anthony Rizzo wasn't going to hit .330 every month, although he did in July, but the Cubs' rookie first baseman has scuffled in August, hitting .244.

"I'm just not feeling that great at the plate," Rizzo said before a 3-2 loss to the Brewers. "There are pitches I could hit that I've kind of rolled over. It's frustrating, but it is what it is."

Rizzo's strikeout numbers are up, which is not a good sign. Maybe the other teams simply have a better scouting report? He said the Brewers have mixed up the pitches to him, staying away on Monday and throwing inside more on Tuesday.

"It's just about hitting the pitches they give me, the good pitches," he said.

Wednesday was Rizzo's 50th game with the Cubs. He played 49 games last season with the Padres -- 35 in late June and July, then another 14 in September.

"This is the most I've played," he said. "Last year, I played in September, too, but I didn't really play. You have to keep staying turned on. It's fun coming to the park every day and competing. I'm not doing that great right now, but it's fun. I wouldn't say it's fun going through these [losing streaks]."

Cubs manager Dale Sveum has seen a change.

"He's fallen into a little bit of the pitch selection and [has been] caught in between -- 'Do I take? Do I swing at the first pitch?'" Sveum said. "I think he's going through a lot of that instead of having the same thought of just getting a good pitch."

The Cubs as a team rank last in on-base percentage, walks and runs in the National League.

"You can't think about situations all the time," Sveum said. "You have to just apply yourself and produce in the situation at hand. You can't think, 'I've got to do this, I've got to do this.' You have to have the same game plan all the time. That's what I think we struggle with is the game plans go out the window too often."