Fiers, Rogers to pitch on -- for now

Fiers, Rogers to pitch on -- for now

Fiers, Rogers to pitch on -- for now
MILWAUKEE -- Young Brewers right-handers Mike Fiers and Mark Rogers will pitch on, manager Ron Roenicke said Tuesday.

The Brewers are keeping a close eye on both pitchers' workloads. Fiers, 27, pitched 128 innings during the 2011 season combined in the Minors and Majors, and has already thrown 142 innings this year between Triple-A Nashville and the Brewers. Rogers, 26, was limited to 44 1/3 innings last season by injuries and a suspension, and has thrown 124 innings this year.

Both could still be shut down before the end of the season to protect their valuable arms, but that decision is not imminent, Roenicke indicated. The goal is extending both pitchers as far as possible without hurting their arms, so they are ready to pitch a full Major League season in 2013.

"What we have planned out right now, these guys will go for a while," Roenicke said. "Then, in two to three weeks, we'll look at this again and see where we are."

The Brewers generally like to keep their pitchers within 20-30 percent of the previous season's innings count. A 30-percent bump would limit Fiers to 166-167 innings this season.

Rogers' case is more complicated due to his missed time in 2011. So how do the Brewers make their judgment?

"It's stuff," Roenicke said. "His stuff is still good."