Only two players accept arbitration

Only two players accept arbitration

Twenty-four players were offered salary arbitration by their 2008 clubs on Dec. 1, but only two -- the Reds' Dave Weathers and the Angels' Darren Oliver -- accepted before Sunday night's deadline.

Weathers and Oliver are considered signed players and will have their salaries determined by arbitration panels in February unless they reach agreements with their teams before then.

Two of Oliver's teammates in 2008 -- closer Francisco Rodriguez and first baseman Mark Teixeira -- rejected the Angels' arbitration offer.

Among the players who also rejected offers were CC Sabathia and right-hander Ben Sheets (Milwaukee); outfielder Manny Ramirez and right-hander Derek Lowe (Dodgers); right-hander A.J. Burnett (Toronto); catcher Jason Varitek and right-hander Paul Byrd (Boston); left-hander Oliver Perez (Mets); and left-hander Brian Fuentes (Colorado).

By offering arbitration, a team ensures it will receive one or two Draft picks as compensation if a former player who became a Type A or Type B free agent signs with a new club.