Mohr brings multifaceted approach to broadcast

Mohr brings multifaceted approach to broadcast

Mohr brings multifaceted approach to broadcast
LOS ANGELES -- Down the hall from Vin Scully being Vin Scully, another Dodger Stadium broadcast booth is filled up. Tracy Morgan, Christopher Walken, Colin Quinn, Norm MacDonald and Al Pacino are all calling this particular Dodgers-Mets matchup.

Sound like an odd assortment to be working a Dodgers broadcast? Sound like the kind of lineup Bob Sugar, from the movie "Jerry Maguire," might invite to a party? The latter is close to the truth.

It's only possible because Jay Mohr is a singular talent, who brings all those personalities to life. He's also a Dodgers fan and a huge fan of the iconic voice of the Dodgers, Scully.

"He's the greatest on earth," Mohr says.

Strangely, Mohr's Harry Caray has a totally different opinion.

"Never cared for the man," Mohr howls as Caray.

Pair Mohr's comedic talent with his true love of Dodgers baseball, and you've got a broadcaster who is both knowledgeable and hilarious.

He and I called the game as part of the content development Expressed Written Consent. The goal is to bring nontraditional broadcasters into the booth, to have a go at the pastime that's evolved alongside the national pastime: calling the game. will be unveiling more original broadcasts over the next several weeks. Among the new crop: Eric Stonestreet, Bill and Willie Geist, Kevin Pollak and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

So bookmark EWC to see which storyteller's story is the most fun and whose future in the booth is brightest.

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