Kipnis knows struggles are part of process

Kipnis knows struggles are part of process

Kipnis knows struggles are part of process
OAKLAND -- Although there is nothing good about the numbers Jason Kipnis has posted lately, he's still showing the Indians positives.

Manager Manny Acta said he's been impressed with how the Indians second baseman has handled himself during a second-half slump.

"That's what makes him a good player," Acta said. "He's still going hard. Unfortunately, everybody has to go through this. Let's not forget Mike Trout struggled last year up here."

Trout, the leading candidate for American League Rookie of the Year, hit .220 in 40 games in the Majors last year. Kipnis is having the opposite experience. He hit .272 with a .507 slugging percentage in his first look at the Majors last year, and he started off strong in 2012, but since the All-Star break, he's hit .183.

"It's part of the game," said Kipnis, who had a day off on Sunday. "It's not an easy game. I'm learning that the hard way. The normal adjustments in the past aren't working this time. It's not like guys are throwing pitches I haven't seen before. They aren't making huge adjustments. They are still throwing the ball over the plate. I just have to find a way to make better contact. I'm trying to find any way to first base, and it's not happening right now."

Kipnis said he's tried different things, most recently a change in the position of his hands. So far, nothing has clicked, but he's trying to remain confident.

"Confidence comes from [going through] some of this every now and then," he said. "As long as you keep positive and tell yourself you can do this, you've done it before, that's all you can do. It's just a struggle right now. I've got to get through it."