Reynolds regrets one criticism of umps

Reynolds regrets one criticism of umps

Reynolds regrets one criticism of umps
DETROIT -- Orioles first baseman Mark Reynolds' comments regarding the umpires Friday night created a stir, and he said prior to Saturday's game he hadn't heard anything yet from Major League Baseball.

"I'm sure something is going to happen," said Reynolds, who was ejected in the bottom of the fifth inning after spiking his glove when a call on the Tigers' Jhonny Peralta at first base was overturned. "But I said what I said and you can't take it back."

The play started with a great stop from rookie third baseman Manny Machado, who made a backhanded stab at the ball, pivoted and threw across the diamond to Reynolds on a short hop. But the throw was off line and Reynolds stretched to retrieve it, laying out fully. He maintained that his foot was still in contact with the bag, and the initial ruling by umpire Jeff Kellogg at first base had Peralta out. Peralta argued, and Tigers manager Jim Leyland also came out to voice his displeasure before the call was overturned.

Does Reynolds, who called out the umpire crew -- Kellogg, Tim Timmons, Vic Carapazza and Marty Foster -- for lack of accountability and doing an "embarrassing" job on the overturned call, take back anything he said?

"The only thing I regret that I said is that [the umpires] are probably laughing about it," said Reynolds, who was tossed by second-base ump Carapazza immediately after throwing his glove on the ground. "Those guys, they work hard, they try to make the right calls. Everything else, I was pretty hot after the game last night. Especially that we lost, it compounded it. I know they try to get the calls right. I know they aren't over there laughing about it. I know they probably take it hard.

"Everything else, I feel like I said what a lot of people think. So, we will see what happens."

Orioles manager Buck Showalter was ejected by third-base umpire Foster on the play, although his postgame comments weren't as charged as Reynolds'. Asked if he had ever seen a call changed immediately like that, with Timmons conferring with Kellogg for just a few moments, Showalter said: "I was shocked. Especially with as good a play that Mark had made. [Machado] made a great play on it, too."