Manuel says Phillies aren't 'down' on Bastardo

Manuel says Phillies aren't 'down' on Bastardo

Manuel says Phillies aren't 'down' on Bastardo
MILWAUKEE -- The Phillies have been getting a good look recently at relievers like Josh Lindblom, Michael Schwimer, B.J. Rosenberg and Jeremy Horst.

Antonio Bastardo? He has not pitched since Aug. 8.

"He's all right," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said.

Manuel said it is nothing more than a matter of circumstance why Bastardo, who entered the season as the team's left-handed setup man, has not pitched in 10 days, while every other pitcher in the bullpen has made an appearance no longer than four days ago.

"We ain't down on him or nothing," Manuel said. "We're going to pitch him."

Bastardo is 2-4 with a 5.45 ERA in 45 appearances. It has been quite a fall from last season, when he went 6-1 with a 2.64 ERA in 64 appearances. But Bastardo, who struggled the final month of 2011, also is 2-5 with a 6.80 ERA in 53 appearances since Sept. 3.

Asked if Bastardo can be the team's No. 1 left-hander in the bullpen in 2013, Manuel said, "It gets back to consistency. The talent is there. We've got to get him right. If we can get him back to where he was when he was pitching for us last year, he was good. He had a big time year for us. He was my big surprise last year. I think we can get him back there -- really."