'02 reunion brings back memories for Trumbo

'02 reunion brings back memories for Trumbo

'02 reunion brings back memories for Trumbo
ANAHEIM -- On Saturday, just as the current team is going through a low point in its championship hopes, the Angels trotted out more than 25 of the players and coaches who were on the 2002 World Series team that brought this city its only baseball championship.

"I think that might be just what the doctor ordered right about now," outfielder Mark Trumbo said with a wry smile.

The reunion will be the culmination of what has been a week-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of that title run.

Few appreciated it more than Trumbo, who was born in Anaheim, grew up in Orange County, Calif., and attended Angels games as a kid, including one game in the '02 American League Division Series against the Yankees.

"I rooted for the Angels," Trumbo said. "I'd watch some Cubs games because they were on in the afternoon, but the Angels were by far my favorite. I came to a ton of games. I sat down the right-field line and watched Tim Salmon. That was it. That was me."

Trumbo was 16 when the Angels became the Cinderella team of baseball 10 years ago, using several heroics -- Salmon's eighth-inning Game 2 homer, Scott Spiezio's Game 6 homer and Garret Anderson's Game 7 three-run double among them -- to edge Barry Bonds' Giants in seven Fall Classic games.

"It was incredible. It was awesome," Trumbo said. "We celebrated a little bit and just took it all in. Maybe tried to imagine a little bit what it might be like to re-create some of those memories myself."