Extra bases

Extra bases

• Sveum interviewed for both the Cubs' and Red Sox's managerial openings last year. Does he ever wonder what might have happened had he gone to Boston?

"Not really," Sveum said Wednesday. "People think I was offered the [Red Sox] job -- it never got to that point. I was offered this job. It was never like I chose anything. I was offered the Cubs' job."

The Cubs have the longest drought without a championship of any professional team. They last celebrated a World Series in 1908. Sveum was asked if the Cubs' job was the greatest challenge in sports.

"It'll be the biggest event in sports history when we win, there's no question about that," Sveum said. "I was fortunate to be in Boston [when they won in 2004] after 86 years, and that was the biggest championship won."

Sveum did say "when."

"That's our goal," he said. "It's going to happen. That's the way I think. We're building to that goal, and that's the goal you have every day."