Reyes will continue to be aggressive on bases

Reyes will continue to be aggressive on bases

MIAMI -- Aggressiveness on the bases is part of Jose Reyes' game, and the Marlins have no intention of slowing him down. But the past few games, Reyes has run himself into outs.

On Tuesday night, the shortstop was caught trying to steal second in Miami's 1-0 loss to the Phillies.

And on Monday, he was overly aggressive on the bases in the first inning after lifting a single to right field. Reyes tried to stretch it to a double, and he was caught in a rundown and tagged out.

Miami manager Ozzie Guillen notes that you take the good with the bad with speedsters.

"We're not going to change his game," Guillen said. "We're getting caught in pretty tough spots. By the way we are swinging the bats, we have to continue to run and try to push something, try to make something happen."

Reyes has 28 stolen bases, which is tied for the sixth most in the big leagues. He's also been caught seven times, giving him an 80 percent success rate.

Reyes also was part of a double-steal attempt on Monday. He was trying to swipe second when Justin Ruggiano was thrown out at third base.

"I get ticked when I see there's stuff we've worked on in Spring Training since Day 1 and we're not doing it," Guillen said. "I'm not going to tell them, 'Don't run.' I said that two months ago. We will make mistakes, we will scratch our head like, 'What are we doing?' I saw those two plays [Monday], and that's instructional league things. We got to deal with it, learn from those mistakes. I want the team [to be aggressive]."