New Era Pinstripe Bowl festivities to begin Dec. 25

New Era Pinstripe Bowl festivities to begin Dec. 25

The New Era Pinstripe Bowl is a college football bowl game that brings together teams from the Big East and Big 12. However, the New Era Pinstripe Bowl is more than just a football game.

The week of festivities will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 25, with players, coaches and university staff taking part in a variety of events in the days leading up to the game, showcasing their respective universities to the New York metropolitan area. Special events, promotions and community outreach will take place throughout New York City during the week of the bowl game to once again create an unforgettable experience for fans, families, players and staffs of the two teams.

The 2012 New Era Pinstripe Bowl will be the sixth college football game to take place at the current Yankee Stadium.

The original Yankee Stadium played host to a number of college football games from the year it opened in 1923, including New York University and Fordham University home games and the two schools' annual matchup.

From 1925-46, and again in 1969, the annual Notre Dame-Army football game took place at Yankee Stadium, including the memorable "Win one for the Gipper" matchup in 1928, and the 1946 contest which ended in a scoreless tie and featured four Heisman Trophy winners (Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis, Johnny Lujack and Leon Hart).

From 1968-73 and '76-87, Grambling played a series of home games at Yankee Stadium, known as the Whitney M. Young Urban Classic.