Stanton dives, makes one of best grabs of career

Stanton dives, makes one of best grabs of career

Stanton dives, makes one of best grabs of career
MIAMI -- Giancarlo Stanton has made a number of standout catches in his career. None probably were better than the backhanded leaping grab he made in right-center field on Monday night.

In the second inning of Miami's 4-0 loss to the Phillies, Stanton showed great range and athletic ability to snare Erik Kratz's liner to right-center. Domonic Brown was on first base and likely would have scored with two outs.

But Stanton sprinted into the gap and at the last second reached upward and dove to make one of the top defensive plays by any Marlin this year.

"In this park, he might be scoring from first," Stanton said. "To save a potential run, and you get a ball I didn't think I could get right off the bat, it's a good feeling. And getting all scratched up by the dirt was a good feeling, too."

Was it Stanton's best catch of the season?

Style points, yes.

"That one or the one in May, against [Jason] Heyward," Stanton said.

On May 16 at Turner Field, Stanton went toward the right-field line to rob the Braves' Heyward of extra bases.

As for Monday's gem, Stanton said he didn't know he had the ball: "Until it was in my glove.

"I was like, 'No chance.' I was just, drop down and run. I took a good angle on it and got it."

The play also showed that Stanton's knee is feeling fine. The slugger had surgery on his right knee on July 8, and he isn't yet ready to play more than two or three consecutive days.

"[On Monday], I was all over the place," Stanton said. "I tested it, obviously. It was fine."