Royals visited by bats of the winged variety

Royals visited by bats of the winged variety

Royals visited by bats of the winged variety
BALTIMORE -- You've heard of bats in the belfry. Now we've got bats in the outfield -- the kind of bats with wings and sharp, pointy teeth.

Maybe it was part of the late, late show caused by Saturday night's long rain delay, but the Royals' outfielders, Lorenzo Cain, Jeff Francoeur and Alex Gordon had visitors during the game at Camden Yards.

"Around the second or third inning, I just saw something fall out of the sky. It hit the ground and I just thought it was a dead bird or something," Cain said. "After the inning was over, I was running in and looked down and I really couldn't tell what it was."

So he summoned Gordon and Francoeur.

"Cain said he saw something drop from the sky and it was two bats, taking a nap or something," Gordon said.

Francoeur decided on closer investigation.

"We saw these two little things just curled up next to each other and, of course, me being an idiot, it piqued my curiosity," Francoeur said. "I've never really seen a bat up close and I touched it with my glove, and its wings went out and it hissed at me and showed its teeth. I just kind of got out of the way."

Got out of the way hastily.

"Frenchy went over and touched it with his glove and it spread its wings and his things came out, so we ran," Gordon said, laughing.

The bats apparently stayed around for a couple of innings, snoozing while Cain took care not to step on them, and then left. But another bat appeared around the eighth inning and settled down behind second base for the rest of the game.

"I don't want to have anything to do with a bat," Cain said.

Unless it's the kind he can swing.