Chisenhall eyes return to Tribe this season

Chisenhall eyes return to Tribe this season

Chisenhall eyes return to Tribe this season
CLEVELAND -- Sitting at his locker on Sunday morning, a six-inch scar running up the side of his right forearm, third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall looked relaxed and sounded optimistic about his chances of suiting up for the Indians again this season.

Chisenhall's recovery from surgery to repair a fractured right ulna -- the result of an errant fastball from Orioles pitcher Troy Patton on June 29 -- is going well. The clock is ticking on the regular season, but the third baseman sees plenty of time left on the calendar to complete a quick comeback.

"Absolutely," Chisenhall said. "They said everything is looking good right now. If I can get two weeks of serious Major League Baseball in, for me, that'd be awesome. Obviously, the sooner the better, but we're playing it by how I feel each day."

Right now, Chisenhall's days at Progressive Field are occupied by range-of-motion exercises. Within the past few days, he started adding strengthening workouts to his daily regimen. Once Chisenhall has regained a comfort level with his strength and flexibility, baseball drills will be mixed in as well.

It was a fluke injury that ended Chisenhall's month-long stay with the Tribe earlier this season, and the timing was especially frustrating for him. Chisenhall hit .278 with three homers and nine RBIs in his 24 games with Cleveland from May 28-June 29, but he had hit .342 (13-for-38) in the 13 games leading up to Patton's ill-fated pitch.

Chisenhall, 23, wants to make a return to the Tribe's lineup at some point in September, and the club has yet to rule out that possibility. Beyond potentially garnering some big league at-bats down the stretch, he is also contemplating playing winter ball over the offseason.

"It depends on the at-bats that I get up here," Chisenhall said. "I've been approached about winter ball. I know it's a good thing to go do if I'm missing a lot of at-bats, but I'd like it to be competitive. I'd like it to be where my family could go over there also. It also depends on how I feel.

"But I wouldn't mind going over there and getting a few at-bats and stuff like that against some quality pitchers."