No plans to shut down Quintana, Sale

No plans to shut down Quintana, Sale

No plans to shut down Quintana, Sale
CHICAGO -- As first-year starter Chris Sale and rookie rotation member Jose Quintana breeze past single-season innings highs, there remains no plan from the White Sox to shut down either of these talented hurlers at a preset total.

"I'm not thinking about that in the least right now. Not in the least," White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper told on Saturday. "All we are doing now is we are going to run them out there and continue to take care of them, monitoring all the stuff we've done all year.

"I don't envision us pulling them or stopping them at all. We are in a pennant race. But our eyes will tell us what's going on."

Cooper likes what his eyes told him about Sale's last start, coming after a nine-day break, and Quintana's last start, coming after an eight-day respite. Both looked "fresher" after the White Sox backed them off.

Although Cooper has talked about going to the whip for a strong, uninterrupted finishing kick from the White Sox staff, he understands that uninterrupted part might not play out for Sale and Quintana.

"If we need to skip a start, if we need to back them off a day, give them an extra day, we may do that," Cooper said. "If we think we need to do something, we are going to do that. Right now, there's no thought of it."

The velocity on Sale's fastball hitting 95 or even 96 mph during Monday's victory was a strong indication that the southpaw worked through a dead-arm period. But Cooper has been impressed by the way Sale succeeds without his best stuff.

"Sale has pitched a lot of good games without throwing 95 or 96. That's part of it," said Cooper of Sale, who has thrown 132 innings. Quintana's total of 139 1/3 between the White Sox and Double-A Birmingham rushed past his previous high of 102.

"On that day, when you go out there, you got what you got," Cooper added. "I don't care who you are: rookie, veteran or whatever. It may not be the 'A' stuff. You still have to make the 'B' stuff work."