Jaso takes 'strong-minded' approach to ups, downs

Jaso takes 'strong-minded' approach to ups, downs

Jaso takes 'strong-minded' approach to ups, downs
ANAHEIM -- The Mariners don't have a lot of veterans filling major roles as position players at the moment, so catcher John Jaso -- who went through playoff races the past two years with Tampa Bay -- might be as good a place as any to look for an experienced outlook.

And Jaso, 28, says the Mariners shouldn't panic in the face of a 1-5 start to their current road trip heading into Friday night's series opener against the Angels.

He notes Seattle is the same club that went 8-2 on its last homestand, but the sport -- by its nature -- carries a lot of ups and downs for every team.

"That's just the way baseball goes," Jaso said. "Look at the Indians right now. Look at anybody. The Yankees just went through a little losing streak there. It's nothing besides the way a current rolls in a baseball season.

"With the Rays, we came out of the gates 0-9 or something ridiculous and there hadn't been a team going to the playoffs since 1911 or something like that with that kind of start. [Manager Joe] Maddon said we'd reset the clock on that and we did. It's just the way it goes."

Do the young Mariners players understand?

"I'm sure everybody here knows that," Jaso said. "You just think about the big leagues, but in the Minors we play 140 games. There's a lot of that going on down there, too. Baseball seasons are long no matter what level you play at. Up here, it's just magnified a little more.

"There's no higher level, this is it, so it's a need-to-win sort of thing. The pressure gets put on. It could come from upstairs or whatever. It is a lot to handle. It's a career and all that stuff. But I think the good players know it's the way it goes. You ride out things and try to be as consistent as you can be. Just like at-bats, you have slumps and hot streaks. That's basically it. You just have to be strong-minded."