Back discomfort forces Chipper out of lineup

Back discomfort forces Chipper out of lineup

Back discomfort forces Chipper out of lineup
NEW YORK -- Chipper Jones used Twitter on Thursday to make it known that he was not pleased with his room at New York's Grand Hyatt Hotel. When the Braves third baseman awoke with back discomfort that prevented him from being in Friday night's lineup against the Mets, he said he might need to stay somewhere other than the team hotel.

"I don't have back problems anywhere else to be honest with you," Jones said. "It's just one of those things. Sometimes you just don't jive with certain beds and pillows. We'll see what we can do to rectify it tonight."

Aware that he has likely irked some employees at the Grand Hyatt, Jones jokingly said, "Now I can't order room service here either."

Jones has complained about the beds at this specific hotel a number of times over the past few years and has missed other games in New York because of back discomfort. He felt fortunate that he is not currently experiencing back spasms, like he did in the past.

"I've had that happen here before, and it's probably a three- or four-day thing," Jones said. "This is just like knots and cricks and stuff like that."

Jones hopes to be back in the lineup when the Mets send a pair of left-handed pitchers to the mound for the final two games of this weekend's series. Left-handed-hitting third baseman Juan Francisco replaced him in Friday's lineup.

While Jones has experienced some back problems during previous trips to New York City, he admitted that some of this most recent discomfort might be a product of laying around during Thursday's off-day.

Jones caught the attention of many of his 100,000-plus followers and the Grand Hyatt staff when he used Twitter on Thursday to complain about the air conditioning and television in his room. He later tweeted that a maintenance man showed up to fix the television without him informing anybody affiliated with the hotel.

But when talking to media members on Friday, Jones said he did not allow the worker in his room.

"After the tweet went out, I wasn't letting anyone in my room," Jones said.