Bloomquist's back injury a day-to-day issue

Bloomquist's back injury a day-to-day issue

Bloomquist's back injury a day-to-day issue
PHOENIX -- A day after D-backs shortstop Willie Bloomquist was scratched before Thursday's 6-3 win against the Pirates with back stiffness, the veteran infielder had an MRI exam that showed no structural damage.

The 34-year-old missed six consecutive games last week with a back injury before playing two games in Pittsburgh and thinking the ordeal was behind him.

"I sound like a broken record, one minute it'll feel fine, the next it's bad," Bloomquist said on Friday. "If I give you an answer it could be different a half hour from now. I don't know why I feel like I'm ready to play, then when I get up I feel like I can't for a week and a half. It's weird. I thought we were turning a corner for a while and it was feeling good then it started again."

The most frustrating part for Bloomquist is he doesn't exactly know what he is up against.

"It's a mystery," he said. "You don't know what you can expect from it day to day. It puts everybody in a bind. It's not like a broken bone, where you know you're going to be out 3-4 weeks, it could be tomorrow or it could be a few days. It's frustrating."

The uncertainty of the injury has forced the D-backs to consider placing Bloomquist on disabled list stint, but for now they'll play it by ear.

"We've talked about it for sure, but we'll try to go for the day to day," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said. "He's actually a lot better today than he was yesterday. He wants to play, he wants to be there for his teammates."

Gibson wasn't sure if Bloomquist would be available off the bench on Friday against the Nationals.

"I don't know," he said. "We'll work on him some more. So he could be, yeah. There are some techniques that have worked on his back before."