Gibson fine with Young's reaction to call

Gibson fine with Young's reaction to call

Gibson fine with Young's reaction to call
PITTSBURGH -- D-backs manager Kirk Gibson would prefer to have his players not get tossed out of games, but he made it clear Thursday that he had no problem with outfielder Chris Young getting thrown out the night before.

"That's fine, I've got no problem with that," Gibson said. "The kid cares. It happens. He's not a complainer, he doesn't give into stuff, he wears it, and I think he's really good about being accountable about things that happen to him and his teammates. It was a nasty at-bat, for sure."

After home-plate umpire Larry Vanover called strike three on a borderline pitch to end the seventh inning, Young slammed his bat to the ground. Gibson knew right at that moment that Young would be ejected.

What surprised Gibson was that first-base umpire Alfonso Marquez tossed Justin Upton out of the game. Upton had been at second base, and after the call he fired his helmet across the field. Third-base coach Matt Williams escorted Upton off the field, and the right fielder did not get tossed until he said something while heading down the dugout steps.

"Matty actually got Justin off the field, and Marquez came over and was kind of rabbit-earing the dugout, and that's where Justin got ran right there," Gibson said.

Gibson was unsure why Marquez had come toward the D-backs' dugout and was in a position to hear Upton.

"Just stay out there," Gibson said referring to Marquez staying near first base. "I thought we did a good job of getting him out of there and getting our guys in the dugout, and that's what you always try to do, so, whatever."

In Gibson's mind, the fracas actually gave the D-backs some energy, and they wound up scoring a run in the eighth to close the deficit to one run.