Eppley's 'header' draws laughs from Yanks

Eppley's 'header' draws laughs from Yanks

Eppley's 'header' draws laughs from Yanks
DETROIT -- Cody Eppley says he doesn't even have a bump on his head to show for his comical moment in Tuesday's game, but the Yankees reliever is now certain to appear on blooper reels for years to come.

Eppley was struck on the top of the head by Eric Chavez's toss in the sixth inning of New York's 6-5 loss to the Tigers. Eppley was fine, laughing the mishap off, and he seemed embarrassed that so much attention was being paid to it.

"It got me almost square on top of the head; it was a good throw," Eppley said.

Jhonny Peralta had grounded out to third base for the second out of the inning, thanks to a nice scoop by Mark Teixeira at first base, and the Yankees were tossing the ball around the infield. Home-plate umpire Bob Davidson tossed a new ball to Eppley, which Chavez didn't notice.

"Normally, he looks up," Chavez said. "I don't know what happened, to be honest with you. Obviously he got a new ball, which I didn't know. I apologized. Of all the places to hit him, right in the head."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he was initially concerned, but Eppley's laughter quickly eased that.

"You worry about that, when a guy gets hit in the head with a ball," Girardi said. "Luckily, Chavy didn't throw it hard. I've seen it from an umpire at times. I don't know if I've ever seen it from a third baseman."

Eppley certainly didn't expect anything to be coming from the third-base side of the diamond, but he'll probably give a quick glance next time just to be sure.

"[Davidson] was giving me another ball, so I didn't think anything of it," Eppley said. "I just turned around and put my head down. Next thing you know, Chavy is saying my name right as it hit me on top of the head."