Worth noting

Worth noting

• The Tigers announced Tuesday that they've released left-hander Fu-Te Ni, ending a four-year tenure in the organization that began with a flourish in 2009 as a lefty reliever in Detroit's bullpen. Ni hasn't appeared in the big leagues since '10, when he struggled in the bullpen for the first half of the season. He spent most of this season on the disabled list with Toledo, having undergone season-ending left elbow surgery, according to the Toledo Blade.

• Young was sent on a hit-and-run play when he was caught stealing at second base in the fifth inning on Monday. He took off on the first pitch to Alex Avila, right after Young's leadoff single.

"I'm very glad that I put that play on," Leyland said. "I'm not happy it didn't work, but I'm glad I put that play on. Fans, they see the results of the play, and if you put on a squeeze and it works, great. If you put a squeeze on and it doesn't work, you're an idiot. Well, I don't look at it like that. I look at it like, you make decisions as a manager. Sometimes they don't work out. It doesn't mean you made a bad decision."

• There aren't many quirks in the Comerica Park outfield wall, but one exists in right-center field, where the dimensions abruptly go from 365 feet in the power alley to closer to 400 feet around the out-of-town scoreboard. Boesch maneuvered it on Monday night to make a nice catch on Mark Teixeira's drive to deep right-center.

"It's like a Bermuda Triangle type thing," Boesch said, "but there's a lot of space, so it's nice."