Thanks to Scully, A. Ellis sets trend on Twitter

Thanks to Scully, A. Ellis sets trend on Twitter

Thanks to Scully, A. Ellis sets trend on Twitter
LOS ANGELES -- A pair of home runs -- including an opposite-field shot -- is probably enough to get somebody like Matt Kemp trending on Twitter. For the humble A.J. Ellis to have that happen, he would need some help, and there is no one better in Los Angeles to provide that than Vin Scully.

So thanks to a plug from the famed broadcaster after he hit a solo shot in the third inning on Friday, Ellis suddenly became an overnight social media sensation.

"It was pretty busy," Ellis said about his Twitter account after the game. "I got home and I watched the replay of Vin talking about Twitter on the telecast. He did a good job. I'm very thankful for Vin pumping me up."

Ellis went on to hit another home run in the seventh, but by then he and Scully had already taken Twitter by storm. The pair joined a lengthy list of Dodgers who have trended nationally this season. Kemp, Andre Ethier, Hanley Ramirez, Dee Gordon, Adam Kennedy, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Sellers and Shane Victorino have all fallen into the category in 2012.

The catcher said he checked his Twitter after the game and thinks he added about 800 new followers to up his total to well over 14,000.

After the Dodgers' 6-1 victory over the Cubs, Ellis tweeted, "Wow....what a night!! Appreciate all the love and support from @Dodgers fans. Pretty much all else I can really say is.....Thanks Vin!!!"

That Tweet was then retweeted more than 300 times.

As for how many times he was mentioned on Twitter during and after the game, he wasn't sure how to figure that out.

"I'm not too familiar with how to navigate Twitter," Ellis said with a laugh. "I know how to tweet and I know how to retweet. That's about it."

For those keeping score at home, Ellis might need some more help from Scully and a few more multi-homer games to catch his teammate Kemp. Despite the jump in followers, Ellis is still about 184,000 followers behind the center fielder, who has sent out almost 1,700 more tweets than his teammate.