Maldonado gets encouragement from Molina

Maldonado gets encouragement from Molina

Maldonado gets encouragement from Molina
ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals catcher and four-time All-Star Yadier Molina was once in Martin Maldonado's shoes -- young and eager to prove his ability.

Having been in that position before, the 30-year-old Molina is not quick to put much stock into Maldonado's difficult day behind the plate in the Brewers' 9-3 loss to St. Louis on Friday night. Maldonado, who had committed three errors in 50 games this season, matched that number with a career-high three on Friday.

"He's one of the best catchers I've ever seen, to be a rookie," Molina said after Friday's game. "He's like me. When I came over here, I tried to be so aggressive. I tried to show my arm. Those things are going to happen. But he's going to learn."

All three of Maldonado's miscues were throwing errors. Twice Maldonado missed the mark on attempted steals by Molina, as both of those throws rolled into the outfield. Maldonado said each error was simply a result of trying too hard.

Both Maldonado and Molina are from Puerto Rico, and work out together in the offseason. Maldonado said Molina and his brothers Jose and Bengie -- both Major Leaguers, as well -- have had major influences on his game.

Maldonado said the Molinas have helped him with calling games, as well as how to stay focused and learn from mistakes.

"Every time you do something bad or good, you learn from it," said the 25-year-old Maldonado. "I think that's one of things that when I look back, I think of what I did bad and try to make it better the next time."