Weeks showing early-season slump is behind him

Weeks showing early-season slump is behind him

Weeks showing early-season slump is behind him
ST. LOUIS -- There's no secret to the recent success Rickie Weeks has been having. It's simply a matter of putting in his work and staying positive.

After enduring a dreadful start to the season, in which he batted just .158 with 12 RBIs through May 31 -- Weeks' average has steadily climbed. He entered Friday batting .212, and is hitting .295 since July 1.

"I couldn't care less what happened last night or anything in the past," Weeks said. "I'm looking forward every time.

"Just showing up, playing every day and working hard. There's no reason. You just have to show up every day and know that things are going to turn around. That's about it."

There hasn't been any specific tweak Weeks has made to his swing and he hasn't had a groundbreaking realization. When asked, Weeks continued to reiterate the importance of coming to the park each day ready to work.

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke alluded to lasting effects of the severe ankle sprain Weeks sustained last season as a possible factor for Weeks' slow start. But ultimately, Weeks' work ethic has gotten him through his early slump.

"He's out working early all the time. he's in the cage with [hitting coach Johnny Narron]. He's out here when we hit early," Roenicke said. "I think he's just finally getting back to Rickie. For the first two months, or however long that was, ... I don't really know the exact reason, but I think that ankle has something to do with it. He's swinging it like we saw last year and like you guys have seen for longer than that."