Bochy confident Pence's energy will mesh well

Bochy confident Pence's energy will mesh well

Bochy confident Pence's energy will mesh well
SAN FRANCISCO -- Having added major pieces before the Trade Deadline to contending Giants teams in the past three years, manager Bruce Bochy is aware of the potential effects on a high-profile player on an already established clubhouse.

But with the much-anticipated Hunter Pence making his Giants debut in Wednesday's game against the Mets, Bochy said the Giants' clubhouse dynamic will only benefit from a player who he repeatedly has described to be a "high-energy guy."

"He's only going to make us stronger," Bochy said.

Pence got a warm welcome from Giants players when he arrived to the clubhouse following Tuesday's 4-1 win against the Mets, and he is familiar with several players on the team, including Tim Lincecum and Ryan Theriot.

"I think chemistry is important. It's important all these guys pull together and play for the same cause," Bochy said. "That being said, winning helps chemistry. The guys are very excited about him. Anytime somebody that comes in that will help the ballclub, everybody has a better attitude."

The two-time All-Star is eligible for arbitration following the season, and Pence said he would be interested in signing a longer contract to remain with the Giants.

"Absolutely, that'd be wonderful," Pence said. "It'd be wonderful to have a home. Nobody had offered me that [with the Phillies]."

Pence differs from previous Trade Deadline acquisitions who were deemed more as "rentals" with expiring contracts, such as Carlos Beltran, who was acquired before the Deadline in 2011. Knowing Pence will be around past the end of the season, Bochy said, already allows Pence to add more to the team's chemistry.

"Across the board, the players, staff, Brian [Sabean], the front office, they're all on board," Bochy said. "That gives you a better feeling knowing that he'll be around next year."