Backe arrested after altercation

Backe arrested after altercation

HOUSTON -- Astros right-hander Brandon Backe and at least a half-dozen bystanders were arrested early Sunday morning after a fight broke out in Galveston, according to police reports.

Backe was accused of resisting arrest, search and transportation by using force against an officer. He was released on bail and released the same day.

Backe, a native of Galveston who lives in nearby Friendswood, was attending a wedding celebration at the H2O bar in San Luis Resort when an incident involving a 19-year-old reportedly turned into an altercation between police and bar patrons. According to a police report, Backe resisted after being told by police to move away and was uncooperative when police attempted to handcuff him.

Asked to comment on the situation, the Houston Astros offered the following statement: "We're aware of an incident involving Brandon. We have spoken with him regarding his his version of the event. Seeing this is a legal matter, any further comment on our part would be in appropriate."

Attempts to reach Backe for comment were unsuccessful.

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