Jackson, Vitters could warrant promotions

Jackson, Vitters could warrant promotions

Jackson, Vitters could warrant promotions
CHICAGO -- With two months remaining, and the Cubs obviously looking to the future, the team is considering whether or not to promote top prospects Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum and general manager Jed Hoyer were to meet on Thursday to go over the team's plan now that the Trade Deadline has passed.

Jackson, the No. 1 Draft pick in 2009, was batting .253 with 15 home runs, 21 doubles, 11 triples, and 152 strikeouts in 102 games at Triple-A Iowa. Vitters, the top pick in the '07 Draft, was hitting .296 with 15 home runs, 31 doubles in 106 games.

"I don't know if there is any so-called risk involved," Sveum said about Jackson. "Everybody's worried about the failure part instead of the guy coming up here and maybe being a better player in the big leagues than he is in the Minor Leagues, which happens as much as the other way."

The problem with Jackson is the high number of strikeouts.

"On the other hand," Sveum said, "sometimes players, they get to the big leagues and they hit better. You can't even explain it that much. Hanley Ramirez -- we had him in Boston and he never put up any Minor League numbers, and the next year he's in the big leagues and he wins Rookie of the Year.

"Some guys struggle with the third deck in the stadium and other guys perform a lot better with the third deck. It's one of the difficult things in predicting how guys will handle another atmosphere."

If Jackson and Vitters are called up, they need to be in the lineup on a daily basis. Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations, said Jackson has done a lot of positives on the field.

"He's playing good defense, running the bases well," Epstein said of the outfielder. "When he does make contact, he's hitting the ball hard and for extra bases. If it's the right thing developmentally for those guys, we'll make the move. Not everyone's development is the same, not everyone has to reach the exact same point in their development. We'll talk about it."