New month ushers in new, lower MLB.TV price

New month ushers in new, lower MLB.TV price

New month ushers in new, lower MLB.TV price
Andrew Saunders is an Ohio State grad who grew up a Reds fan in the Cincinnati area and recently relocated to Richmond, Va., to take an analyst position with Capital One. For the past two weeks, he has been relying on his new MLB.TV Premium subscription via Microsoft's Xbox 360 to watch his favorite team.

The timing has coincided with the Reds' recent torrid run of success, so for Saunders there is no better way to celebrate his 25th birthday on Wednesday than by logging in and watching the Reds take on the Padres.

"It is incredible to be watching the hot streak that the Reds are on through MLB.TV, since without it, I wouldn't be able to watch any of the games," Saunders said in an email. "I'm excited to get to follow the Reds in their chase for the National League Central Division title and hopefully go even further."

Welcome to August, when there will be postseason fever in the air at Major League outposts almost everywhere and a big birthday theme for all fans who make MLB.TV part of their daily lifestyles. The technology that revolutionized sports online will turn 10 years old on Aug. 26, a major milestone in MLB broadcasting history, and there will be plenty of celebration to come surrounding that event.

For now, let's turn the calendar page with a price-drop announcement to set the stage for the nearly 900 regular-season games that are still to come. Signups are now available for a new annual rate of just $49.99 for MLB.TV Premium and $39.99 for basic MLB.TV. At Bat 12, the top-selling sports app of all-time in the Apple App Store, will be included with a MLB.TV Premium subscription at no additional cost. Download the app and then your MLB.TV subscription will be authenticated, so you can enjoy complete mobile portability to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and most Android phones and tablets.

Many fans such as Saunders have found Xbox to be a major addition to the growing list of connected and mobile devices that support MLB.TV. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is $59.99 for 12 months and is required for streaming live MLB.TV games over that platform. That experience brings unique features like a split-screen mode that lets you watch two games at once, and voice control on Xbox 360 that lets you pause, rewind or fast forward with the sound of your voice.

You can see what games are on the ledger every day at the Media Center, and MLB.TV Premium lets you choose between home or away broadcasts for any of them. You can even select "Park" for just the ambient stadium sound that fans hear at the yard. DVR controls allow you to pause and rewind live games.

August means scoreboard-watching season has arrived, and you can see for yourself how that tradition has been transformed -- and improved upon -- by this leading technology. MLB.TV lets you easily toggle back and forth from game to game, and Multi-game View lets you watch two games at once in Picture-in-Picture mode or split-screen. With Quad View, you can watch up to four games or highlights at once, following the pennant races in style.

That is exactly what Rays fan Michelle Spring of Tampa, Fla., has been doing.

"I use MLB.TV on my desktop computer and I've been using it since the beginning of this season and also used it for a few months last season," Spring said. "Whenever I use MLB.TV, basic or Premium, I love the fact that I can watch multiple games at once. I first got MLB.TV to watch certain out-of-market games, but now I use it to watch other out-of-market games in general.

"The Rays games are blacked out for me on MLB.TV because I live in their market area and I get to watch those games on Sun Sports on TV. But the out-of-market games I wanted to see were the Giants and Cubs games. After getting to watch multiple out-of-market games, I agree that it's good to watch not only your favorite team, but other MLB games as well."

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of Read and join other baseball fans on his community blog. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.