Keppinger was armed and ready for 16th

Keppinger was armed and ready for 16th

Keppinger was armed and ready for 16th
OAKLAND -- Jeff Keppinger was used as the Rays' designated hitter in Monday night's 15-inning loss to the Athletics. But if the Rays had escaped the 15th, the veteran infielder would have been the guy to replace Kyle Farnsworth on the mound.

"Yeah, that's what they said," Keppinger said. "They said Farnsworth's going to go one inning. I was coming up to lead off the next inning, so I don't know, maybe if we'd have gotten the lead they might have changed their mind and left Farnsworth in there. But they said I was going to get a chance to get in there and do what I have to do."

Keppinger actually went down to the bullpen and warmed up in anticipation of entering the game.

"I felt all right [warming up]," Keppinger said. "I was just trying to throw strikes, get the ball over the plate into the catcher's mitt."

Keppinger thinks the last time he pitched in a game came during his freshman year at the University of Georgia.

"I believe I got a save," Keppinger said.

Had Keppinger entered the game, he planned on doing some pitching.

"I was throwing everything I got," he said. "I wasn't just going to go in there and lay them in. I was going to compete."

When asked about his pitching repertoire, Keppinger noted: "I can't tell you. Then they're going to know if I get in there sometime."